Sunday, 9 January 2011

A little break and a few hours of inspiration

So back to work Thursday and Friday - although I did spend a few hours Friday night playing with DSA - I did a couple I need to upload but not got the harddrive attached so not just yet.

But today it's been an interesting day. Woke up feeling poo and so spent most of the morning in bed whilst V does an excellent job with M.  But when I did get up I made it to the sofa to watch the Barbara Grey sessions on C&C tv.  My god I love this woman - she is a genius!  So much so I am now watching them again!  She is so inspirational I had to drag myself to the table and play with inks - and so now inky fingered, still feeling rubbish but 3 cards made.  One of the them very much a BG inspired one with a brayed background but the others were angled easel cards inspired by one of the samples.  So easy and yet so clever!

Waiting for the footie to finish now so I can go and watch the other show BG has done - but it's on the tv the footie is currently occupying so have to wait.  If I didn't feel unwell I'd be chomping at the bit and he'd have no chance!  But as he is doing all the jobs today I have to allow him his footie time!

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