Friday, 30 March 2012

Up-cycling here we go!

Well first things first today was an interesting commission day! Starting with the request to make a card for someone whose just had a boob job and then an enquiry about wedding invites. Yes I know ... Sublime to ridiculous!

Neither of these are definites yet but so pleased that I was even considered and it made an interesting start to the day!

Anyway back to today's crafting endeavours. For those who saw my WOYWW pile of card samples I had been given to upcycle as they had been destined for the recycling bin otherwise. So today in amongst some swap crafting I've made a few cards using some of the cards I've chopped up and taken elements from.

Card one and two were elements cute from one card and mounted and layered one some off cuts from the scrapbox and some cute doilies I found in a shop the other day. Then used some stampin up stamps from the Elementary Elegance set.

Card three is a very simple case of cutting down the card front and mounting it on a silver card... No further work required! The card was already glittered and is so cute with the bunting and detailed already so no need to do anything else!

And the last card I took a smaller element of the card and mat and layered it up with some craft and browns onto the burgandy card using some dimensional stickers to lift the panel slightly. I figured it was a nice card for a male card ... So quite pleased with this.

So not bad for three free cards saved from the bin created into four cards, all of which I am pleased with. For the moment I am going to put these into a box to one side and then decide what to do about it.

That's it for me tonight... Clear up time for me unfortunately but the place is a tip and I really need to make inroads into tidying up! I know it's Barbara back on c&c tomorrow so no doubt I will have to find my speedball Brayer so I can play along at some point after the weekend and the results will no doubt be shared some time soon here!

Thanks for visiting ... Oh one last thing ... Go see my Christmas card blog ... I am trying to keep my Christmas stuff in one place over there from now on and have also organised a Christmas card swap which I would love you to consider joining ... After all the more the merrier! Go and see the details here!

Ok really going now!

Happy crafting!

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

What's on your work desk Wednesday

Yes it's Wednesday again and time to join stamping ground for WOYWW.

Ok I slightly cheated and have a Tuesday night image for you rather than a Wednesday one but this is so I didn't forget to play along.

So what did I have going on this week ...

Yesterday a friend of mine gave me seem sample cards she had left from a little business venture she had which rather than recycle she thought maybe u could do something with. So this is me mid cutting process as I sliced off card fronts and created card toppers.

Some of the cards are unusuale but there is a fair pile of things that can be used so I am really pleased and looking forward to making my friend a thank you present.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Blog candy from Little Claire

I love little claire designs erm... Designs! And so was chuffed when I saw they had blog candy up for grabs ...

Here is the pic

Fingers crossed I might get my hands on this!

Monday, 26 March 2012

New baby commissioned card

This morning, whilst persuading the princess to start on her thank you cards, I made up the card I was commissioned to make yesterday for a friend whose brother has made her an auntie to a beautiful little niece. As they aren't local to her, unfortunately it will be sometime before she meets the gorgeous little one, so I went to some extra effort to create this for her to send.

I used the lovely Polkadoodles baby topper as the focal image, and then layered up the papers behind, including the delicate handmade paper with the silver thread sewn throughout. Now I must admit I've had this paper for ages but just love it .. It looks so special.

I glittered the buttons on the baby's clothes and then added the wool bow and the sentiment topper label. Hopefully this will meet the commission criteria and will find itself well received by the new parents.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Postcard catch up

Well I was behind a couple of weeks but had a bit of a catch up session over a lunch break where I once again headed to the local library, grabbed some books and did some sketches! Then on returning home I managed to get them painted in a couple of sessions one before m came home from school and one after she went to bed... Much easier to get paints out without her wanting to make a big mess if she isn't there!

Anyway first up is Canada.

For this I found a picture in a Canada travel guide of a whales tail disappearing back into the water and thought it looked so tranquil... This is my sketch and painted version. I've used watercolour paper and some new pan watercolours from a little travel box that was discounted in WHsmiths as the brush was missing and the packaging was damaged.

And the message...

I am still so confused by your messages and very torn about whether to continue our correspondence. My choice in February, although none of your business, still preys on my mind and it is for this reason that I choose to still write to you. I thank you for your comment that I was right though, it does help me.

Next up is Netherlands.

Now I have a particular affinity with this country as I count my Dutch friends as family and love the country as a second home.

But I was torn in how to depict my love for the country and in the end grabbed a Van Gogh book for inspiration. I fell upon a sketch he had dne very early in his career or a windmill and figured although cheesy it was something I might be able to do my own version of.

I sketched it out from the picture in the book and then when I decided to paint it gave it a wash in a very light brown. Then I decided to add more depth with the additions of other browns.

And the story continues...

I am so pleased you have decided to continue our communication, I would be upset if you hadn't. I value this so much as you help me feel connected to the time. I am keen to know more about you than I already do, I know nothing of what you have been doing since you read my first note. But first I will tell you a little of me. I travel ... A lot! But not just across the continents. I have many tales I wish to tell you of the things I have seen.
Once again a thank you, and I send you best wishes for your forthcoming birthday.

And now to bring me up to date ... Israel

Now this was a difficult one. But decided as I had with China to try some writing as I find Hebrew such a beautiful written language.

I chose a language book and this time had to bring it home as lunch break was over.

After scanning the book I decided on the most obvious word of all ... Shalom (hello/peace) I made the school girl error of following the sketch but forgetting that Hebrew is written right to left but never mind! I did this in my india ink pen and then added the flag as the background with pro markers.

And Florence's latest message ...

I am feeling more positive about your last message and feel less like you are somehow knowing everything about me. Please promise that if you were to have the opportunity to see my diary again you wouldn't read it. I did manage a nice birthday this week, but have been feeling a little tired over the past few weeks. Maybe it's my time to accept I have to start to slow down?
I wonder where you are now and am curious by your comment about not across the continents.

And so I am all caught up with the lovely Darcy's postcard challenge... I encourage you to go and see what everyone else is upto with their stories and journeys around the world. Either use the badge up on the top right or see here for Darcy's blog.

Thanks for visiting and hope to see you again soon.

Stampin up card swap

I joined a card swap which is themed as stampin up ... No other rules. And I got to send my card over to Canada. This is what I made for my swap!

Yes ok so the first thing I did wrong was I sent two and not just one card! But that was because the cards I made were small ones so felt guilty only sending one!

You'll never guess which stampin up stamps I chose to use... Of yes ... The lovely forever young and elementary elegance!

I used SU papers too for the layers and some SU ribbon i had in my stash. So the only non SU products would have been the card blanks and the white card.

I received a lovely good luck card from my swapper too which is a great card made from a heart stamp and is all sparkly. I have the perfect recipient for it too as I am going to give this to a colleague who is taking voluntary redundancy starting friday next week, so I know she will appreciate it. Plus I might use the card as inspiration and make something similar myself too!

Anyway just wanted to share... I've signed up for the April swap too so looking forward to seeing what I might create for that which is a bit different. And of course the best bit is getting something from someone else!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Art time at Roisee's place

Last night the lovely Jackie invited me and some other crafty friends to the opening of her beautiful studio for a class! She specialises in mixed media and both myself and Diane made a heart themed canvas each with Jackies expert tutoring!

Here is what I made ... Just adore how it came out ... And although the pics are absolutely dreadful of the work in progress you might be able to see the many layers to the canvas I created.

Added also rub ons and squiggles hand drawn.


Well it is that time of the week again and time to join Stamping Ground for what's on your work desk wednesday again. I've had a week away from crafting and blogging as life got in the way ... More specifically the princesses birthday and mothers day and work!
But tonight I had to make a card for a work colleague so it was time to take some pics and show you what I am upto...

So what can you see? Well firstly there is the commissioned card, secondly the ink bos, the card blanks box, the scraps box the usual baby wipes in the midst, some mags for inspiration and some random Xmas stuff that I pulled out of the cupboard and one of the tools and embellishment collections. You might also spot the canvas piece I made last night on my only crafting adventure for over a week ... But that will be blogged in a separate post a little later.

So now ... A close up of the new baby boy card I've made.

Firstly a silver card blank, some polka dot paper, some linen effect blue pearl card, some white card with a twine wool and some nappy pin charms tied on. Then the polka doodles baby vest with the little blue heart on added with some dimensional glue to lift it a little.

I then added the glossy accents to the heart and added the blue buttons. Finally stamped the sentiment in stazon ink on the top. Pleased with this ... Hoping the recipient likes it too!

Anyway I hope that you've enjoyed nosing around the blog ... Please go and check out everyone else at Stamping Ground. Now I'm off to have a little play with something else ... Got another three commissions however doubt I will be playing with them tonight as getting tired ... Might play with a few challenges instead!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012


A non crafting day but wanted to share with you the ridiculous pile on my cupboard more commonly known as the fridge!

Yes it's ridiculous! What you can see are a few reels of ribbon, some card bits and pieces which have been made, wrapping paper being saved for use on cards, some half made bunting flags, one of the circle journals, my postcard challenge book, some tags for a swap and notebooks and magazines and loads of stuff really!

And why a non crafting day? Well it is my princesses sixth birthday today so the day has been filled with other fun instead!

I have to say that cake making is not my forte but still rather proud of the effort I made here ... The order was chocolate and that is what she got indeed! In fact mummy did well and was given a great big kiss and cuddle as a result ... Best payment ever!

Thanks for visiting and if you want a snoop around others desks please go to Stamping Ground to where Woyww lives!

Birthday card for my princess!

In a few hours princess m will be awake and ready to celebrate her sixth birthday! My how time has flown. So before I disappear into the land of nod I thought I would share the card I've made for her.

You will never guess which stamp set is featured!!!

Not Forever Young .... Again! Boy how I love this stamp!

Bright pink card, bright purple pearlescent cardstock, pink paper laters with purple embossing powder and purple stamping! A sparkly sticker for the 6' some ribbons and buttons that tone nicely! Perfect for my princess.

Happy birthday my dear Maya
I love you so much

Monday, 12 March 2012

Yet another mothers day card

You would think I had five mums from the amount I've made this year! Seriously though this is another one of the same design as I made a few weeks ago as the others I made were spotted and another request was put in for a mothers day card for another friend!

This time there is a bit of a change in style as the paper I had to hand was a little more girly and less funky... Hoping that's ok with the recipient! Otherwise the same idea applies! Two papers cut with the top note die, the stampin up forever young stamp set in rich razzleberry and then a few bits of paper layered, some rose red ribbon, then the pink pearlescent card punched out for the label and stamped, and some flowers added as embellishments. Cute!

This is it for tonight although I am now off to make the princess' birthday card. Guess I will share it when I'm finished!

And the award goes to ...

... Me!

My lovely friend Helen has awarded me a Liebster Blog award!

How cool is that?  Thank you lovely Helen for your comments about me being inspirational - not sure how or why  - but thank you nonetheless!

Liebster is German for Dearest, but can also mean Beloved or Favourite.

Apparently to receive this award there are a few 'rules'... so here goes!

1. Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog ... check!
2. Link back to the blogger who presented the award to you ... check!
3. Copy and paste the blog award on your blog ... check!
4. Present the Liebster Blog Award to 5 blogs of 200 followers or less who you feel deserve to be noticed (this will come in a minute!)
5. Let them know they have been chosen by leaving a comment at their blog ... will of course do this!

I'm passing this on to -

The first three are friends from the circle journal group ...
Lynn ... this wonderful woman is a friend of mine who makes some delightful cards which are all a little bit different!

Maz ... another beautiful blog where a friend of mine shares her talents for papercrafting (she is also a cakemaker and you should see some of the beautiful creations she whips up!)

Jayne ... whilst Jayne is an infrequent blogger the things she creates are amazing and I'm proud to call her my friend!

Other random ones I wanted to award ...
Hannelie ... i stumbled across her beautiful blog whilst hopping for a challenge the other day and love some of her designs - they are quite different
Bonnie ... again I stumbled across her blog as part of the Merry Monday challenge where she rightfully won the last challenge - you should go check out her winter window - just adorable!
To be honest sticking to 5 was difficult and wish I could award more people as there are so many beautiful blogs out there.  Also struggled a little as the less than 200 followers is quite difficult to find too as some of my favourite blogs are followed by many many people.  And finally because Helen picked my friends as recipients I also couldn't copy and choose them either! 

Apologies for those not getting an award from me this time ... but if people are looking for other blogs out there please go visit the others in my side bar!

Now I am pretty sure that I've gone over the alloted three minutes allowed for an acceptance speech so signing off ... oh that and my lunch break is over!

Once again thanks for the award dear Helen and I encourage those who see this to go visit the peeps I have awarded to!  Such fun!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Final card from the gift of bits and pieces

This was the last card I made up this morning! I used up the rest of the freebie bits from the wonderful Helen . I used the lovely little bits of patterned paper from stampin up and then stamped the panel with the stamp from the fresh vintage kit, and the sentiment from the elementary elegance kit. Horrah for saleabration!


Some challenge cards

First card up for the evening is the cards for men challenge card I made this morning.

I followed the lovely sketch although flipped it a little. I used scraps in different colours of green and then added the stamped panel with the clarity silver birch stamps. I then added three leaf stamps on the left although it doesn't show so well on the photo.

The second card was for Stamp with fun although I have managed to miss the cut off to enter it into the challenge for pink and green... Although I did follow the sketch for Tuesday Morning Sketch.

I used one of the Lili of the valley preprinted images I coloured a few weeks ago when poorly. I matted and layered it with scraps again and then the ribbon wrapped round and the flower is stamped from one of the new stamp sets I got within the saleabration set fresh vintage. Then I mounted it in the cream card. Love this image ... So cute!

More to come but this is it for right now!
Thanks for coming to see me! Oh yes and some interesting and exciting news to share ... But need to get on the laptop to get that sorted and shared appropriately!

Star ATC swap at willowing.ning

That's right I did another ATC swap and as the recipient has confirmed that she has had them I thought I ought to update you and share!

The theme for the swap was STAR and it took me a little while to come up with these little ATC creations but I was happy with them once I had finished!

It's funny to see the girl up close as it appears on my screen now... Much better viewed at the real size so hopefully you get a better view than I have typing this right now!

So first I created the background with water soluble crayons and water colour pencils and blended them. Then I created the girl separately and pieced her together. I finished the hair once she was stuck down in me piece and then added the features of the face and the outlining with pen. Used a mixture of acrylics and watercolours on the final finishes. For the star I added clear stickles in the hope that this would provide the highlight for the little ATC!

The background for this was created in a similar way but this time I chose a shooting star and chose the word SOAR to represent how I felt at the time looking at this. This was mainly watercolour paints and waterproof pen to provide outlines etc.

I've just signed up to another ATC swap although this will be a little different as more of a card making type one I think ... Probably will start on them tomorrow! Fingers crossed that what I make, I am as happy with as i am with these!

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Quick cards from some freebies and my new stash!

As a little thank you, the wonderful and lovely Helen included a little Baggie of Bits and pieces in my order bag she dropped off yesterday. So whilst two six year olds tear around the house I decided to do some simple bits and pieces and test out a couple of my new stamp sets... And this is what I created. Nearly all are stampin up products and so the colours coordinate beautifully!

None of these are for a particular reason and so will all end up either in the box at work for sale, or my cousins box of cards!

I know Helen will be proud of me for trying the ruffled ribbon again on card number two with the seam binding after the very frustrated lesson we had when she tried to teach us! It worked better this time, although the piece I cut was a bit short and so had to flatten the middle part and cover it with the label... But pleased now that it's finished.

I think I can get another card out of the Baggie of bits Helen included but we had to stop for cake and so all bits have been tidied away again now!

Also in a report back the fortieth cards were well received and more cards were requested so feeling pretty chuffed about that! The two cards returned are being recycled into the cards my auntie has asked for so a quick swap of the ages and sorted for the next batch of commissions!

Thanks for looking and please remember to pop over to my Christmas blog where there is a little bit of blog candy up for grabs if you comment and leave a link to my blog on yours before the end of the month!

Friday, 9 March 2012

Stampers six ... Hostess month and sale a Bration

What more can a girl ask for?

That's right that little pile of stash was delivered by the lovely Helen this evening for me as it was my month to get the freebies! And boy what a lot of stash I got here! ok it wasn't all free but a lot of it was and feel very very excited!

Only problem was I had to work tonight so no time to play... But hopefully tomorrow evening I have the craft time to get inky and get stamping and creating! Can't wait.

Now though tired and need to sleep!

Thanks for popping by and don't forget to pop back to see what I create with this little lot!

Thursday, 8 March 2012

A card for the box

Spring has sprung!

To celebrate spring returning I've made this quick card! Bright and beautiful!

It also meets the challenge for the Paper Players and so am entering it over there!


What's on your work desk Wednesday... Well I had meant to take a pic of me and my friends crafting but to be honest we did so much chatting I completely forgot! And then when they had gone I carried on crafting and forgot ... It's only after I tidied the table did I remember and as I type this it's one minute to midnight on wednesday night so still counts.

So as you can see not much left on the work table except for some tags awaiting the glitter glue to dry which are what I have made tonight for a swap so will blog them sometime later as cant really reveal them in full yet!

But I have to say the top of the 'fridge' is looking a little more like a crafting space.

So what have I got here ... We'll there is a canvas I am working on as part of a set of three for our bathroom, there is my pencil tin, the parts of the postcard challenge book ... Still need to do Canada for this week and not even thought about it yet. There is the pink box with some made up cards in it for my cousin to have, some magazines and other half finished projects a plenty and two mini canvases I keep meaning to do something with!

So this is me sharing my WOYWW ... Why not visit the wonderful stamping ground blog and see what everyone else has been up to this Wednesday!

Thanks for coming and having a look around!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Christmas blog is underway

Yippee! I have started on my Christmas blog and to celebrate there is a small blog candy give away ... come and have a nosey here.

Tonight was all about the Christmas! Ho Ho Ho! but I thought I would also post a pic of the valentines card I made as a commission for someone... I know it's well past the date but wanted to share nonetheless!

Slightly unusual colour choice I know but I chose teal and turquoise colours with navy card and stamped the lovely heart stamp which I got off craft stamper magazine in the Island Indigo ink.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Christmas blog

Yes I've gone a little mad and made myself a new blog ....catiecuddles4christmas just for my Christmas crafting! If you want to know more go and have a quick scoot over there ... Not much to see yet but hopefully there will be really soon! Otherwise stay here or go look at something more interesting!

Stash shopping and the joy of meeting a new friend!

Today I met one of the circle journal sisters for the first time... Jackie and I met with Marie at the craft fair in Leigh this morning. It was wonderful to meet her in person... A real pleasure! Unfortunately I couldn't stay for long and I know jackie and Marie continued both shopping and chatting for a long time more so I hope that I will be able to meet with Marie again soon!

Now I might not have stayed for long, but I still managed some stash shopping ... And thought it would be rude not to share!

The only problem is that I am dying to try some of these out but absolutely shattered so i will have to wait until tomorrow and then after work it will be playtime! Hurrah!

Sleep time for me now ... Thanks for popping by to see my stash!

First birthday card, Kathys Waffle challenge

So we are off to a first birthday tea party this afternoon and this is the card I've made for the wonderful little Harvey.

I followed the sketch from Kathys waffle sketch file blog and so am entering it into that challenge... You should see of the things others have made ... Superb!

I used some decoupage sheets (doolicraft ... Tumble ted) I've had for ages to layer the ted ... And popped him on the middle layer. Then stamped the sentiment and added the glitterations number one. All in alla cute card for a cute little boy!

Thanks for popping in to see what I've made.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

A whole load of blog hopping

No crafting this evening but instead decided to blog hope whilst watching tv instead. Discovered some beautiful blogs out there and really enjoyed the inspirational evening. I hope at some point to have this blog as inspirational as some of the ones I have trawled tonight, plus hope to use some of the inspiration to my own end soon!

Hope you have had a similarly lovely evening!

Freshly made sketch challenge and mothers day all round

Ok so it's not mothers day ... I know that but I have made my mothers day cards for both my mum and the mother in law in anticipation!

For my mums I decided I had to use the new cardstock to create her a glam and classy card.

I absolutely love this street lace cardstock... It is just so scrummy!

I cut the cardstock to the size I wanted to make the card blank, then cut the pink panel. I then cut a black panel and embossed the butterflies from the urban steps from papermania. Firstly I embossed them in a dark pink but it didn't work very well so I did a second attempt and used the sparkly gold powder I forget I've got quite often!

As this came out well I decided to edge the panel in the gold too. I added the sentiment panel and the ribbon loops and the card candi and job done!

The card for my mother in law was using the Freshly Made Sketch challenge for this week.

As she loves purples I went down this colour scheme and came up with the simplistic card above. It's the usual (yes everyone is bored of these stamps except me I know!) forever young clock image this time to make it a bit different the glossy accents added to the clock face to give a glass type effect. I stamped it in the rich razzleberry ink onto cream pearlescent card which gave a different effect to the stamping. Also one of the layers is a handmade paper so quite delicate although bright.

Two very different cads, for two very different mums but think. That both will like their creations!

Thanks for popping over to see them!

And for those who saw my previous post ... I am not up to much this morning ... Completely exhausted and much amused by the typos from last nights later exploits! I was like a zombie!

Ah well best get out of bed and get some breakfast I suppose?

Officially stupid and very tired!

Why I hear you ask?

Because despite being absolutely shattered when I made the other two merry Monday cards, when I went back to the table to "tidy up" I got distracted! Very distracted!

Six more Christmas cards made all following the sketches from Merry Monday so I am officially up to date with the challenge! And result is ... One very tired girl who knows she will regret this late night tomorrow but six pretty nice Christmas cards!

Sketch one

Used the freebie pyrimage kit to do the central feature ... Haven't got an oval available to hand so this had to suffice. Used a couple of scraps to cate the side panel and it looked wrong without the backing panel so I added that to the sketch too.

Sketch two

This is the same image as the previous one but a different design of layering it up and slightly smaller.

Also added the felt scallop edge to the bottom of the polka dot (stampin up) panel.

Sketch three

This is a simple challenge card with the panel, felt scallop edge, and the felt frame to back up the cute decoupage Humphreys Corner image. These are the Himpreys Corner kit I got last year from Crafters Companion and I have loads of the kit left to play with.

I then stamped the sentiment using a Su stamp.

Sketch four

This time I chose s black base card and a lovely green mirror card panel as the image I want to use in place of the circle has beautiful colours that I thought needed to pop with the mirror and black. I also added a printed sentiment from the stock of Hot off the press ones I got as a freebie with a magazine last year. Once again a lovely Humoreys Corner decoupage image.

Sketch five

This time some different papers... I found these in my Christmas box and thought they were very cute... I think they are forever friends ones from Do crafts. They are double sided and so the strip across the middle is the reverse of the snowflake one. Added the felt ric rac as it felt like it needed a contrast in there too. Then the beautiful Humphrey is here again ... So so cute!

Sketch six

This was a quick one and not my best stamping ....
I used the left over paper from the previous card and the left over ric rac, added the heart as the circle replacement and stamped the freebie sentiment reindeer image (craft stamper magazine freebie) in certain celery ink. It's cute but not as well made as the others!

Probably due to extreme tiredness obviously!

So now I have tidied up and had my milk and am about to climb the stairs to bed! Doubt there will be much sense out of me in the morning ... Not much change there I hear you say ... Well I only hear you if you haven't nodded off from my photo heavy rambling drivel!

Night night dear blog visitor!

Friday, 2 March 2012

Merry Monday Friday night

To finish off my crafting for the night I decided to do the merry Monday challenge for this week and a couple of weeks ago too. Decided I would try and catch up with the cards I missed at the beginning of the year too so I can get myself where the others joining the challenge might be too!

So for this weeks there is some stampin up paper and card layered up, a little gingham bow (rescued from crackers at Christmas ... I saved everything I could!) and a felt Christmas tree embellishment in place of the circle of the sketch.

And now here is the sketch from a few weeks ago... Used some coredinations card, some old olive cardstock and a freebie decoupage/pyrimage oval stack. I then stamped the sentiment on a scalloped oval. Quite like this although the cutesy bear isn't normally my thing! But hey sometimes something different just works!

So this is me done for the night ... Absolutely drained of energy now but really really proud of all the things I have achieved today. Will have some more things to share in future blog posts too as also managed to do two other challenges today but can't post them just yet. Busy weekend ahead although I think that crafting may happen tomorrow too! Hurrah!

Thanks for visiting and enjoy blog hopping if that's what you are up to!

Busy busy busy card making evening

I have had a lovely evening ... Watching empire of the sun which I haven't seen for an age, and crafting! What great fun!

I've made a selection of 40th birthday cards for a friend to choose from when I drop them off on Monday. Used my favourite stamp sets once again ... Oh yes forever young has come out to play once again!

So the first one is some beautiful bright paper I found in my stash and used a mixture of vellum and other card to create the trim with the Martha Stewart punch. Then I added the ribbon. I added the papermania urban stamped image on a higher layer with the ribbon loops and then added the glittered 40 and some small glittered circles.

Again some random paper I found in the stash ... Amazing what I have unearthed in sorting my random papers out... There are some real beauties in there! So pleased to be using them!

Once again Martha Stewart punch came into play and also some beautiful sequinned organza. I then stamped the forever young clock image and layered it up again. Then added the peel off sentiment and number 40.

Random paper once again ... A beautiful one in peach tones. Then added the Brown and peach layer as a raised one. Stamped the clarity stamp split tree in the antique paper ink, and added the blossom in the same ink. Added the orange organza ribbon around the whole paper panel, and then added the papermania flowers. Then added the peel off sentiment, the flower centre peel offs and the number 40.

Finally this is a bit of new card stock I got in the sale... This is a beautiful embossed card stock in pink and black. I added the strip of the pink cardstock and the ribbon. I then embossed the forever young tree stamp onto the vellum in the champagne embossing powder. Then I added the papermania flowers, the pink card candi and the glittered number and circles.

Hopefully these will be enough for my friend to choose from ... I'm pleased with all of them and couldn't choose between them myself!

I've also made a few other cards today but they will have to feature in a different post!

Thanks for stopping by to look at what I made!