Sunday, 11 March 2012

Star ATC swap at willowing.ning

That's right I did another ATC swap and as the recipient has confirmed that she has had them I thought I ought to update you and share!

The theme for the swap was STAR and it took me a little while to come up with these little ATC creations but I was happy with them once I had finished!

It's funny to see the girl up close as it appears on my screen now... Much better viewed at the real size so hopefully you get a better view than I have typing this right now!

So first I created the background with water soluble crayons and water colour pencils and blended them. Then I created the girl separately and pieced her together. I finished the hair once she was stuck down in me piece and then added the features of the face and the outlining with pen. Used a mixture of acrylics and watercolours on the final finishes. For the star I added clear stickles in the hope that this would provide the highlight for the little ATC!

The background for this was created in a similar way but this time I chose a shooting star and chose the word SOAR to represent how I felt at the time looking at this. This was mainly watercolour paints and waterproof pen to provide outlines etc.

I've just signed up to another ATC swap although this will be a little different as more of a card making type one I think ... Probably will start on them tomorrow! Fingers crossed that what I make, I am as happy with as i am with these!

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  1. Gorgeous ATCs... and there is an award on my blog for you :)