Saturday, 29 January 2011

Digiscrapping fun!

So tonight have managed to have some fun with digiscrapping -loaded all on Daisytrail but not got round to jpegging them yet so will do that another day!
Bought some magazines and can't wait to play crafting for real tomorrow!
Now sleep to make sure I am fit for craft tomorrow!
Nighty night!

Friday, 28 January 2011

Horrah - played digiscrapping

OK it isn't a brilliant scrap but it's one bit of fun at the end of a horrible day!
Did this as a quicky challenge based on a masculine theme requiring grunge and torn papers!
Fun to play with some effects!  Must now sleep - it will be getting up time far too soon!

Thursday, 27 January 2011

A crafting drought! :-(

Well what a crafting drought!  And how miserable I am because of it!
Due to working ridiculous hours (11 and a half today), running to and from the hospital and of course my precious time with princess M there has been no room for crafting!
Even digiscrapping has taken a huge knock back!
Looking forward to getting fingers inky and cutting and sticking at least for a little while over the weekend even if I know I have a million things to do!
Ah well!  Here's to another night without craft!! :-(

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

late night scrapping

ooooh so so tempted by CraftArtist Platinum but going to be good and just hold fire for a little while.

After spending ages thinking I wasn't inspired, decided to do a page for my friends lovely baby who I have yet to meet due to all the rubbish going on in my life at the moment.  Quite pleased with the result.
Not sure what to do with this yet and whether to turn it into a gift for baby or the mummy.  Had already done one of the big brother so might make a brag book for the mummy from the both and do a bit of hybrid work as printer now working!

Anyway it's late now so really should switch the laptop off ,,, after all a really fun day at work tomorrow to be had!

Night night craft Cat!

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Technique University!

After a traumatic day at work, and the news Mum in Law had been taken into hospital it was a last minute confirmation I could go and join some lovely ladies to learn some stamping techniques.  What followed was a fun, creative evening and some lovely creations!  Really enjoyed myself, and looking forward to next months class!  Will get round to posting my creations soon - especially the lovely cupcake one with some masking and two step stamping techniques and an anally retentive ribbon!

But that was yesterday!  No creativity today - except on the work front making some complete rubbish into something readable!  And a visit to hospital being creative with the amount of times I had to tell Mum why she was in hospital!

But have downloaded a digikit freebie from Digicrea and managed to cut out 4 layers of pyrimage ready to play with tomorrow night!  Roll on Friday that's all I can say!

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Some cards

Unfortunately had to watch some Star Trek to get away with this but here are tonight's efforts.  Not quite the effects I was looking for from the Brayer but think it's because the one I've got isn't the right one for the job - but never mind good cards nonetheless!

The first is the new stamp from Clarity Stamps - used the Happy Birthday Big and Juicy pad to brayer the background.  Then on a separate card used the same ink pad to stamp the Chimps down the bottom.  Edged with the purple part of the ink pad.  Then dry embossed a decorative edge along the top and bottom of the pearlescent card stock and layered up the card.

The second is a free stamp set that came with a magazine (Simply Cards and Papercraft) which is Molly Blooms.  Stamped the girl, then created a mask for the girl to stamp the boy in the background.  Used promarkers to colour and then cut around with a border to create an outline.
For the background used the Happy Birthday Big and Juicy pad again but the blue end and layered up the card with a brayer.  Then used some water to sprinkle, covered with clingfilm and wrinkled it to create the texture on the card.
When it had dried layered up the card and stamped Happy Birthday in a dark blue below the image.

Not brilliant - but nice cards none the less - and liked my little play tonight!

Such fun!

Wow that was a week and a half!

OK so it all went a little chaotic at work and with late nights working no chance of craft all week! :-(

Think it might be time to put that to an end as my latest Clarity Stamp has turned up through the post!  Woo hoo!

Just need to persuade V that I can spend the night crafting now!

Sunday, 9 January 2011

January Sketch Challenge

Used Helen's sketch challenge to do this quick digiscrap...
such fun!

A little break and a few hours of inspiration

So back to work Thursday and Friday - although I did spend a few hours Friday night playing with DSA - I did a couple I need to upload but not got the harddrive attached so not just yet.

But today it's been an interesting day. Woke up feeling poo and so spent most of the morning in bed whilst V does an excellent job with M.  But when I did get up I made it to the sofa to watch the Barbara Grey sessions on C&C tv.  My god I love this woman - she is a genius!  So much so I am now watching them again!  She is so inspirational I had to drag myself to the table and play with inks - and so now inky fingered, still feeling rubbish but 3 cards made.  One of the them very much a BG inspired one with a brayed background but the others were angled easel cards inspired by one of the samples.  So easy and yet so clever!

Waiting for the footie to finish now so I can go and watch the other show BG has done - but it's on the tv the footie is currently occupying so have to wait.  If I didn't feel unwell I'd be chomping at the bit and he'd have no chance!  But as he is doing all the jobs today I have to allow him his footie time!

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

More DSA layouts

Didn't exactly clean but did do some tidying before started on the DSA again once I got M back home!
Decided to tackle all the challenges on Daisytrail to inspire me and so quite enjoyed the playing aspect for these.
Have just included the links rather than all the pictures as it's quicker to load!

Will probably stop now as quite tired after last night's exploits on the pc and have to go to work tomorrow! :-( and so won't be able to spend all day playing crafting!

So finally it's clear - no cleaning done today!

So it's finally time to pick up Maya and I haven't cleaned a thing ... but another couple of pages have been constructed.  Especially pleased with this one which was following a template for a challenge.

Used Instant Vedure kit from Scrapbird and the pictures are of Maya and I in July 2006 on a really hot day when all she wanted was a cuddle from her mummy.  Love the delicate colours etc.

Anyway - off to collect Maya from after school club and then I really must clean something!?!  Well maybe not!

oops - who needs a clean house anyway?

So not a finger lifted to clean - but many lifted to play on DSA.
Digikit was a freebie daily download from Scrapbird called "It's Always Spring" and chose a picture of M looking rather bemused at 3 months old.  Love the fresh colours and the orchid bundle!
Love the cluster approach to scrapbook layouts.  They look so cute, especially for baby pages.
Designed the background paper through layering and masks etc.
Like the final page.

Day two ... no cleaning done as yet!

OK so not managed to do any cleaning today as yet - however I have managed to make 5 cards.

Used the free stamps I got with a magazine a few days ago and some chipboard pieces from another free kit.  Then used papers, vellum and card already in my stash and embossed with the Ultimate Pro from Crafters Companion (my new favourite tool!).

I am going to try and upload some pics (as a test more than anything!).

Going to have to do a bit of cleaning now and then play on DSA this afternoon and to play with some of the new freebie digikits I've downloaded and not used yet.

Best way of spending a rainy day!

Day One - or should that be night?

OK so never done this before but now have my own blog to try and track my creative flows in some way.
No idea how to proceed with this but thought I'd give it a go.

So what have I done creatively today ...

I played with my promarkers on an image I'd stamped the day before - free with a mag - after watching some create and craft tv (my idea of relaxing after cycling to and from the park with my daughter!) for inspiration.  Have created a bit of decoupage with the image ready for playing with mounting tomorrow and making into a card - probably a childs card as it's such a cute little dog image!

And that was my lot ... hopefully a more creative day tomorrow ... just have to remember to do the cleaning and tackle the tasks around the house first ... a challenge when I have the day off and no daughter to look after ... i suspect the craft box may attack me early!