Thursday, 20 January 2011

Technique University!

After a traumatic day at work, and the news Mum in Law had been taken into hospital it was a last minute confirmation I could go and join some lovely ladies to learn some stamping techniques.  What followed was a fun, creative evening and some lovely creations!  Really enjoyed myself, and looking forward to next months class!  Will get round to posting my creations soon - especially the lovely cupcake one with some masking and two step stamping techniques and an anally retentive ribbon!

But that was yesterday!  No creativity today - except on the work front making some complete rubbish into something readable!  And a visit to hospital being creative with the amount of times I had to tell Mum why she was in hospital!

But have downloaded a digikit freebie from Digicrea and managed to cut out 4 layers of pyrimage ready to play with tomorrow night!  Roll on Friday that's all I can say!

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