Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Birthday card for my princess!

In a few hours princess m will be awake and ready to celebrate her sixth birthday! My how time has flown. So before I disappear into the land of nod I thought I would share the card I've made for her.

You will never guess which stamp set is featured!!!

Not Forever Young .... Again! Boy how I love this stamp!

Bright pink card, bright purple pearlescent cardstock, pink paper laters with purple embossing powder and purple stamping! A sparkly sticker for the 6' some ribbons and buttons that tone nicely! Perfect for my princess.

Happy birthday my dear Maya
I love you so much


  1. Happy Birthday, gorgeous girl! Love Mara x

  2. It is a versatile stamp as you've used it for friends of yours and now you can use it to brilliant effect for your 6 year old. What a lovely feeling it evokes of sitting going backwards and forwards on the swing under the tree without a care in the world.

    I want a tree swing!
    Hope your family has a lovely day helping Princess M to enjoy her birthday.

  3. Gorgeous card for a gorgeous girl. Happy birthday Maya!