Sunday, 4 March 2012

Stash shopping and the joy of meeting a new friend!

Today I met one of the circle journal sisters for the first time... Jackie and I met with Marie at the craft fair in Leigh this morning. It was wonderful to meet her in person... A real pleasure! Unfortunately I couldn't stay for long and I know jackie and Marie continued both shopping and chatting for a long time more so I hope that I will be able to meet with Marie again soon!

Now I might not have stayed for long, but I still managed some stash shopping ... And thought it would be rude not to share!

The only problem is that I am dying to try some of these out but absolutely shattered so i will have to wait until tomorrow and then after work it will be playtime! Hurrah!

Sleep time for me now ... Thanks for popping by to see my stash!


  1. It was lovely to finally meet you too! A good bit of stash there - have fun! x

  2. WOOO is that a text background stamp I spy - might have to help you experiment with that on Wednesday!! Highly doubt you'll let me though as you haven't had a go yourself yet :-)

    1. Well I might? Depends how nice you are to me diane! Lol xxx