Saturday, 19 February 2011

Invitation a making

So it's M's birthday in a few weeks so time to make some invitations - preferably without her adding her own artistic touch on them!
Success - managed to palm the writing of the play centre ones off onto M and I did the cards to enclose the invites.  I didn't go for a particularly difficult design - but a cute stamp with some lovely promarkers to colour it in!
So once again not my most complicated or intricate of works but for 20 invitations to a 5 year olds birthday I think it's not bad at all!  After all the party will cost enough - so cheap is the order of the day!

Still not been able to make a challenge card - mainly due to M pinching the things I'd printed to make me a card!!! Plus as usual a chaotic few days getting in the way of crafting - but maybe tomorrow?

Such fun!

Enjoy crafting one and all!

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