Sunday, 15 May 2011

My craft room! Well sort of!

Decided to let hubby finish watching the footie and so instead thought I was overdue posting the pictures of my craft room.

Well not exactly a craft room as it is the dining room table that has to be cleared to eat at everyday so it is a collection of boxes and a wheely set of drawers that live in a cupboard under the stairs which has to be shared with ironing boards and toolkits and vacuum cleaner and other random household things I have no desire for but apparently require! 

So here are some pictures of my craft space mid session - as you will see I am not exactly a tidy crafter so most sessions are accompanied with much humphing when I can't find what I am looking for!

I don't usually have the laptop on the table too - but this was as I had finished the page I did whilst following Kirsty Wiseman's live crop.  You will note that there is a cold cup of coffee on the table - this is normal for me - I get so engrossed in what I am doing I forget all about it.  There is also a massive stash of magazines on the side which is not normal either but I have now dug them all out ready to check through in case there is anything I have missed in terms of freebies to use up.  Getting a little determined to make the most of the huge amount I spend on these magazines and so also going to start cutting out 'inspiration' photos and putting into a book as they are now taking up too much space and some have nothing I am interested in, save one or two cards.

Next to my chair sits the wheely drawers - emptied out!  On top is my tool box which stores the small embellishments, some pens and some small inks etc.  Princess M loves delving into this.  The drawers start with some order, and end with being a mish mash that requires a good sort out at least once every three sessions.  There is a mixture of inks and papers and ribbons and tools and punches and basically loads of bits and bobs in here.

A closer look also shows my recent purchase of a messenger bag to take to Helen's class which also houses the Ultimate Pro, my heat tool, promarkers and other random things I shove into it when I can't be bothered to tidy up properly.  And my rubbish bin of a fashion.  This is a tip I've got from another class I go to - masking tape a carrier bag to the table for ease of use!  I manage to get more bits in this than I did using the paper bin I used to use!  Much easier!

Now what isn't captured is the cupboard itself which has another 4 shoe boxes full of stamps, finished cards, christmas stash - i separated this out in a moment of sensibleness a while ago - it doesn't happen often - envelopes and my leftover stash of paper - I can't bear to throw them away - even though I struggle to use them - but it's easy for Princess M to delve into here instead of touching the 'expensive' or 'pristene' papers etc.  I also have three scrapbook albums (unfinished) to store in the cupbaord and some painting supplies too!

So for those of you with craft rooms - please understand my jealousy - and why I sometimes can't craft even though I really really want to.  We eat at the table every meal - so if mid craft it's tough - I have to clear away! 

Anyway - I really must finish now and work out if I have enough time to do a digiscrap before the footie finishes as given up on the idea of watching decent tv for tonight!

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  1. I can really associate with this as that is exactly what I had to do before we moved to this house in March. Eating at the table as a family is important but I do remember feeling really aggreived when I had to stop doing whatever I was doing, eat and then re-start.