Friday, 16 September 2011

Poorly days

So I am feeling rough at the moment with nasty sinusitis but that doesn't mean I haven't been crafting over the past few days.  I have been fairly restricted to short sessions or things I can do from my bed but have managed some bits and pieces.

Mainly I have caught up with my 30 days of lists journal which I am publishing on Flickr in the group I had done ok with some of the lists but didn't get round to adding colour so added lots of colours to the journal yesterday.  It's a bit backwards though as the journalling was done first so the ink has run a little bit.  But still proud of myself for getting through it.

I have also done some Christmas decoupage (whilst in bed!) ready to be mounted onto some cards - suspect some embossing to be done for the backgrounds so def not a bed type task.  I used the lovely Humphreys Corner Xmas kit from C&C pick of the week to do this and pleased with the quality of them.  Will post some pics of completed cards once I get round to finishing them.

I've also been busy blog hopping around and also signed up to some Big Picture Classes to get my journalling on the scrap pages up to scratch.  To date I've done one layout digitally using the information from the Album of Awesome workshop.  Still finding it hard to do the journalling but hoping that the classes will get me to invest more of myself into my layouts and add more detail in the journalling.
Here is the layout I did from our hols in early August when we went up to the Great Orme and the journalling is about all that is awesome about princess M at that point.

And finally I must be ill as I've now signed up to the SheArt workshop which my friend Jackie has done and another fb crafty friend (Jayne) has just started too ... really should have finished the other projects I have in hand at the moment first but the She Art projects are just soooooo beautiful!

Fingers crossed the meds from the docs today will be working well enough for me to go on my crafty day tomorrow at Helen's.  Looking forward to the stamping and chat with friends so hope that stamina is better than today!

Anyways - nice to catch up on here.

Happy crafting all!


  1. Love your scrap book get that SheArt girl on here!!! x

  2. Yes boss!!! Will now go in and mention you by name rather than referring to you in such a bizarre fashion!!!!