Thursday, 5 January 2012

The conversation starts...

So the adventure is starting and tonight I thought I would blog the start to the story. Tomorrow we are allowed to post the actual cards about which I am very excited so thought I would start the excitement off right now!

So here goes...

Florence stared at the clock hanging above the concourse at Waterloo. Her train was late and she wondered what to do with herself for the half hour she had.

Suddenly she spotted a man wearing a strange patterned jacket to the left of her. Such strange fashion she thought. He must have been to Carnaby Street. She glanced up at the clock again and then when she looked back at him she saw he had moved further down the concourse and was walking at quite a pace towards the exit.

Florence decided to treat herself to a pot of tea at the cafe whilst waiting for the train and picked up her suitcase, turning to her right and promptly bumping into someone. Florence gasped in confusion, it was the man with the jacket. She shook her head. It must be the tiredness confusing her. It must have been a popular jacket not the same man as no one could be in two places at a time.

Quickly apologising she moved off to the cafe where she knew the hot tea would restore her before her trip home to Virginia Water. As she waited to be served she noticed that the catch on her suitcase was open. She quickly checked her case to check nothing had fallen out and it was then she found the strange note.

Sorry to invade your privacy in this way Florence. I feel connected to you in a way you will find difficult to believe. If you want to know more and your thirst for adventure matches your dreams, please contact me via the address overleaf with information on where I can write to you and explain. Yours hopefully, Boston

Intrigued? Well if so tune in for what happens next when I post the first postcard tomorrow.

Such fun!


  1. I love the concept of the exciting!!! I can't wait to see the postcard...need to get mine sorted, so behind. :(

  2. Oh, very intrigued! Can't wait to see the story unfold!

  3. Very exciting! Love your little prologue - need to get working on my postcard!

  4. I'm not in 'the know'. Have you all had to create a story to go along with your creations?

  5. Yes Diane - each week a country is given to us to create a postcard and then write from person a to person b on the back... this is my prestory!

    Thanks for the positive comments folks!

  6. Definitely intrigued, great start!

  7. What an exciting and intriguing start to the conversation! Can't wait to see how it progresses.

  8. Fabulous postcard. What is in store for Florence? Can't wait for the next episode.

    Janet xx

  9. I'm so impressed that with such gorgeous artwork, you can also construct such a well thought out and beautifully written storyline. Can't wait to find out what Boston is up to!