Saturday, 28 January 2012

She fairies ... A work in progress...

So I volunteered my services to make a picture for one of princess m's friends bedrooms... And fairies/butterflies was the request. So I decided to do some "she fairies" on a pink background.

So I started with a mix of pinks acrylics and white acrylic and gesso and used card to scrape it across the canvas so it looks all messy but blended. I also scratched into the paint whilst wet to add some texture of wiggly lines and flowers. Then I sprayed it with the candy pink shimmer spray. Once that was dry I punched some small hearts into some scrap card randomly to use as a stencil. At this point princess m wanted to join in so she helped to sponge the pale pink paint through the stencils. This was then left to dry.

So then I started to build the fairies...

First the heads, bodies and legs, and then the fun part of dressing them up!

I chose some of the patterned paper that came with a magazine some time ago to mix and match their outfits with similar colours and patterns. And then stuck them all together.
Next ... Some wings. I cut these out of white card and decided which wings fit which fairy and then shaped each individually. then M wanted to hello again so she was in charge of spraying them with the lilac and pink shimmer sprays.

I then outlined the wings and doodled and crossed them to make them more in keeping with the she art theme as taught by Christy Tomlinson... I can't recommend her work enough as its so lovely.
Then I similarly outlined the girls and their outfits with the black pen whilst M added some glitter to the wings.

Oh yes just remembered that I added some glitter glue into the background too whilst it was wet so it has additional sparkles.

Once happy with the doodling as a starting point I then added the skin colour to the skin of the fairies which was quite a worry when I started as the book print just soaked up the paint.

Once they were dry I then glued the wings to the fairies and started laying them out to arrange the layout.
Once I was happy with the layout I used the last of my Mod Podge to glue them down... Can't believe I've used it all up and will have to order more ... Can't live without it!

So this is where I am upto ... Looking forward to adding the hair and some more doodling and then done. Don't think I can do butterflies too... It might be a bit too much for the picture as I think with the hair on the fairies I might be pushing it to add more detail without it looking messy.

Will of course post again once finished but wanted to share with you my Saturday job!

Such fun!

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