Thursday, 23 February 2012

21 followers! Wow!

Well I have no idea how that happened ... But I've reached 21 followers which I think means I have grown up in blogging terms! Well what a fab thing this is! I have a lot to thank the lovely Darcy for organising the postcard story for as some have come thataway and some have come from the other challenges I suspect too! Either way it makes me really happy to receive the lovely comments from other crafty peeps on my little creations.

So I am sending all my followers a big THANK YOU and also as I'm not a very good follower, sorry for not always doing a good job at visiting all of you regularly

Anyways enough of that.... Today I've been to the doctor and it's confirmed it's a stomach virus I've got/had apparently along with the rest of Warrington! So off work until next Monday and told to keep resting etc.

So for now I'm back home and need to have something to eat and drink and then put my feet up. Not sure much crafting will now get done though as didn't sleep so well last night. Have to get princess m's card done soon too... Probably would be a good idea to get it done tomorrow so it's done and dusted whilst she's not around. Also got a few orders to get done... Some mothers day cards and a 50th birthday card. Maybe they can wait until the weekend and do them then unless I manage some energy over the next two days.

In the meantime I thought I would share the valentines card I made for my hubby... It's quite. Simple design using some old atlas pages and distress inks. For those that know me they will know I'm not a big fan of tearing paper ... It hurts my should to rip paper but I am getting braver so it's been appearing in more cards recently... Maybe it's the mixed media stuff I've been doing making me feel better about tearing paper?

Once again thank you for stopping by ... And if you a one of my 21 followers ... Hello and a special thank you!

Happy crafting everyone!

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  1. Love your card with the heart, so pretty! It's really nice sneaking peaks at people's workdesk and what they are doing! Thanks for sharing, Karen 131 x