Monday, 20 February 2012

Colouring in in bed!

Today has been pretty rubbish so far... Woke up feeling queasy with tummy cramps, threw up, slept through the rest of the morning, made a mad dash to the post office to post mum some tablets (don't ask it's a long story!) and then back to bed.

Managing to do some colouring in though... Some Lily of the Valley images provided with a magazine this month which are ever so cutesy! Thought if I coloured them all I then just need to sort out the layout for some cards and have a mass making moment when I feel up to sitting to craft downstairs. There are a very generous 20 images in the set so I am a third of the way through and thought I would share. Some are pencil coloured and some are pro markers. Princess m keeps using my pro markers so I never get to use them, and so had forgotten how much I love them!

Am going to do some with watercolour pencils too so I can blend them later with my aqua brush when I can be bothered to move.

Also spent the afternoon with c and c on ... They do sell some questionable designs sometimes I have to admit! Been informed Tim Holtz is on qvc tonight so going to have to set the recorder as bizarrely the tv in the bedroom doesn't get a good signal for that channel ... Even though it's the same arial as downstairs! Technology confuses me! Anyways looking forward to seeing the master of grungy craft at work and imagine it will send me off on a grungy journey for the next few days!
Getting very tired now so I suspect one more picture to be coloured before I sink further under the covers and doze off again!


  1. I got the same mag, haha yet to colour mine in though. Hope u r feeling better? Seems to be going round us all... x

    1. I love the illi of the valley images but never buy the stamps as doubt I'd use them enough so this freebie pack is fabulous! Hope you feel better soon if you aren't well too!