Sunday, 22 April 2012

Guess who has reach thirty!

O m g! Thirty people following my blog! I don't know thirty people which means that there are people wanting to follow me and my twittering on about paper who don't even know me! Woo hoo!

This has pleased me no end I can tell you! Thank you very much for reading the drivel and looking at the hopefully pretty things I post here! I'm glad that there's not just me reading this! Lol!

Wonder if my mad obsessive about Christmas other blog will ever get to thirty too ... I doubt it ... Although I know from the challenge blogs I am not on my own for madness about Christmas! Anyway promise to keep the Christmas madness to a minimum here to make up for the never ending Christmas drivel over there!

Anyway once again thank you for following you lovely 30 people!

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  1. Yeah! I am right about where you are, and it is quite a milestone! Congrats!