Wednesday, 13 April 2011

First commission

So after finally getting round to organising my immense pile of cards and putting them on display at work at an incredibly reasonable price of £1.50 each not only did I sell two, but also got my first commission.

OK so it's a golf themed card so not my usual kind of thing - but exactly the sort of thing that CraftArtist was made for.  Spent the last little while messing around with the layout and of course as soon as I go to print it the printer runs out of ink and so instead of a green "green", I get a blue one!!!

So here is a sneak preview of the layout for the purposes of the blog --- hopefully I can retweet this to Caroline to have a gander at too --- all thoughts on the general idea welcomed before I print it out again tomorrow, post ink change, and then make it up.  Thinking a bit of decoupage and some button embellishments, but not convinced as yet exactly what to go for... very much open to suggestions!

That's all for tonight folks - happy crafting - I've got 2 days with Princess M lined up so I'm sure we'll "crack" on with some Easter Cards (please pardon the pun!).  Such fun!
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Not sure if this link thing will work though ... so testing 1,2,3!

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