Wednesday, 8 June 2011

What a day!

Well I've had one of those days where nothing is quite right ... a clash of calendars this morning meant I was late for a meeting and I HATE that - never feel like I am quite on the right foot.  I did however get a helping hand first thing from a friend which meant I was only 5 minutes late.  Then managed to be in the wrong place from where my things were all day which meant having to cross the Runcorn Widnes bridge six zillion times (well only 4 really but I am a little prone to exagerration!).

Anyways what did go well for me today is the latest commission was well received - in fact a query was made if I actually knew the recipient I'd done such a good job! - I didn't might I add so maybe lady luck was with me after all!  And then received another 6 commissions (only from 2 people but amazing nonetheless!).  And finally was instructed to pick up a discarded letter rack for my card display which I promptly decided needed a little jazzing up!  So onto todays crafting ...

Well all I've done so far is given the letter rack a light sanding and a coat of blue paint.  Thinking of trying some Sheena Douglas Paint Fusion stuff on it but not sure yet - will keep you posted - but evenutally it will be my little card display for at work - a whole lot more professional than the cardboard box with the handwritten sign I am using at the moment.  Obviously it will take me a while to work out how to do this exactly but sure it'll be good when I get there.

Anyways onto the commission that I handed over today:
Brief: 18th birthday birght and blinky preferably pinks and for a girl who is partially sighted. 

So spotty paper is from my Stampin Up pack, doilies from the supermarket, ribbon from a reel from Hobbycraft actually bought by princess M with some easter money because she loved it but has made it's way into my craft stash (to be fair she uses all my stuff!), panel is one of the Top  Note Stampin Up die cuts I bought off eBay - complete rip off when you know how much it should cost really - but still love this shape - will be my first die to buy when I earn enough to buy the machine!  Image of the girl is the Debbi Moore stamp I use a lot, and the present is a Forever Friends stamp from a set bought at Crab Apple Crafts.  All coloured in promarkers.  Then added the bling with the silver tags on the presents and the star bling (cheap from The Works) and the glittery number stickers from the set I bought a week or so ago from Hobbycraft.  Then added the silver letters for the recipients name.  Fingers crossed Megan liked as much as the lady who commissioned the card.

Anyways - off to CraftArtist world to play with some ideas for some of the 6 cards I have had commissioned today - see you peeps again soon - happy crafting! 

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