Friday, 2 September 2011

New obsession ... art journals

So it is official... I an completely obsessed with art journals... not quite finished mimm with kirsty wiseman yet, but now posted on my circle journal and received my first one in return.... so scary but incredibly exciting to be joining in with this amazing project. Will post pics as I go along but there will be a time lag so my circle friends get to see things first.

My final project of the moment is a project called 30 days of lists, and this I can post a couple of pics for ... my cover and day one. Day two (todays) is not quite finished but will be finished with day three.

I think what I am enjoying most with these is the freedom to get messy, to push my boundaries and pretend that I can be an artist.... for the moment I am just playing and having fun and I am loving it.

Tomorrow is a major card making session in the morning so pics of these coming soon.

Take care and enjoy!

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