Saturday, 31 December 2011

All prepared for the postcard challenge

At the end of the mammoth card making session I decided to finish prepping for Darcy's postcard challenge ... See the button up there on the right ... And so have now finished the book covers, finished the pages off, made and added a vellum envelope for the first postcard and pre- stamped the back of a few postcards ready for creating the postcards when Darcy gives us the country for our first one.

As for the storyline I'm still undecided about whether to go for time travellers or spies... Hubby and I have been discussing it as I can't decide myself just yet... Maybe the first country will answer it for me! Names are likely to be location based names I think ... Loving the name Florence at the moment, and maybe Boston for a man? Oh decisions decisions... Well at least I get a couple more days to think on it before the country is announced.

I encourage everyone to have a go at this... Please go and see Darcy's blog and have a go!

Pics below of my work so far....

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