Saturday, 11 February 2012

Another catch up post

As a result of me making some she art girls for the lovely people I work with... One of them asked me to make one for one of her sisters who was having a particularly hard time of it recently.

Of course I immediately agreed... Any excuse to make these beautiful pieces of art that are therapeutic for me as well as lovely gifts for other people.

Now an important thing to note is that the girl I was making it for has always got brightly coloured hair ... Ether pinks or purples and is sort of goth type of style. (no idea really how to capture that clothing wise ... So this did present a different challenge for me.
So a mixture of acrylics, gesso and spray inks to create the purple, pink, blue and black background, using card to mark out texture etc.

The girl was created in the usual fashion with book print and patterned papers. Then my old favourite Mod Podge came out and stuck it all together.
So then I started painting the girls hair and face etc. used a mixture of acrylics and water colours and pen to add these and then also added the rub offs to add the cutesy features.
I kept adding to the background ... Above is the barbed wire stencil from tim holtz with some acrylic pushed through... Love the way the spray inks bled through to blend themselves... Really felt organic when this happened even though it clearly was luck not design!

The she art phrase was chosen to inspire self confidence plus the recipient loves the word believe ... Has it as a tattoo.
Usually I print out the she art phrases but instead hand wrote it instead.
So this is the finished article although. A little on the blurry side of things when it comes to my pictures I'm afraid.

The picture was well received by my friend... Perfect to gift to her sister. And of course I thoroughly enjoyed making it!

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  1. Just realised you can't really see the pinks and purples in her hair but I promise they were there!