Wednesday, 29 February 2012

No crafting today

Instead I thought I would treat you to the card I made on behalf of my mum and dad last night for my lovely cousin!

You will never guess which stamp set it used ....

Oh yes, the stampin up forever young one just for a change!

I took a scalloped edge square card from my stash, a square of pink wrapping paper which is flocked black (my mum chose this wrapping paper for my birthday last year on purpose knowing it would end up as craft stash!) and then a black piece of card. I then angled them squiffily ... Technical term for all wonky !

I then stamped the beautiful tree in Versamark and then embossed with a pewter powder ... Just jewel like and beautiful!

I them stamped the sentiment and the name using the Debbi Moore sentiment and the Su set i got in my last order for the family names etc. this was stamped in rose red Su ink, I then stamped the flowers from the SU Bliss set in the rose red and black ink and cut each one out. I then shaped the flowers and put a sticky foam pad under each one to the raise it up and make it dimensional.

All in all very pleased with the final card and think my cousin will like it!

Thanks for stopping by... Sleep time for me!

Night night and don't let the sweetie beetles bite!


  1. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog :-)
    I LOVE your tree stamp. (it is stamp, isn't it?) Did you emboss it with silver powder??
    Love it :-)
    You've asked me what does it mean "I ślubuję Ci miłośc" on my card with roses.
    It is something like a fragment of love vow (sorry if i've made mistakes, i don't speak english well :-))

    1. Yes it is a stamp and yes it is a stamp... Pretty isn't it! Thanks for the translation and you speak English better than my polish!