Sunday, 8 April 2012

Cocktail anyone? Postcard challenge

So a few days late... But not before mr linky closed for a change... This week Florence is in Singapore. Immediately that I saw that I knew what I was going to do... The famous Singapore sling from raffles!

Ok my sketch and painting isn't at it's finest but I wanted to get it finished. Annoyingly I also managed to crease the card just before painting ... Ah well it must be damaged by the postman on its long journey! Thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

The sketch itself is a copy from google but without the lovely flowers that image had in the background. I pencil sketched and then coloured with watercolours and India ink pen which bled as I was impatient and didn't wait for the paint to dry!

Pretty sure I know what I'm doing for next weeks trip to Iceland so maybe tomorrow I might get that one done on time!

Here is the back...

You are right about listening to my body - this latest jaunt to Singapore is not doing me my good at all. I think I may have to think twice about the longer journeys in future. Maybe I will write to you from home occasionally.

So maybe having caught up with my story ... Why to pop over to see Darcy's blog and see what all the other travellers are upto! I can promise you there are some amazing stories and creations out there!


  1. Great I did about the singapore sling, but more about Raffles Hotel... looks ready to drink. excellent postcard...

  2. Lovely card! And since it's been pouring here for a couple of days it's no wonder the card looks like this when it arrived! ;)

  3. Super postcard. Love the check tablecloth.

    Janet xx

  4. Very inviting looking drink. Been away so a rather belated Happy Easter to you.
    Jen x