Thursday, 5 April 2012

Turkey postcard

A little late but here is my turkey postcard.

The picture is a hand drawn version of a Turkish tile I found on google images and coloured with blue shades in promarkers. I spotted the distinctive tiles whilst googling and knew immediately this was what I wanted to capture with my postcard. Doing it on time however ... More of an issue!

Good news is however that the next country is well on the way and likely to be finished ahead of time this week!

As for the story ... Here goes!


I think you ought to listen you your body telling you to slow down although I imagine from what I understand of you is that your fierce independence will make that difficult for you to accept. It is your independence that I admire greatly. I know life is sometimes hard with others not understanding your decision but I promise it will get better for you and the future you will have.

I know in a couple of months time your travelling will become less but I would love it if we could continue to write.


I really need to do some work on the book housing the cards too as very few are ready and decorated ... Another task to add to the list!

Last bit of news in relation to the postcards ... The lovely Darcy whose challenge this is has a monthly round up of the best cards and twice now I have been long listed which I consider a massive honour considering the talented people who are joining in with her challenge. Please take the time to go and see how everyone's stories and wonderful creations are progressing care of Darcy's blog. And my latest card to be chosen as one of Darcy's favourites is the Netherlands card from a few weeks ago...

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  1. lots of hand drawing going on Ms Catherine :-) For someone who 'can't draw', you don't 'alf draw well :-)