Thursday, 17 May 2012

Felting fun!

Well tonight I did something completely new! I tried my hand at felting! And I loved it!
I went to an introduction class hosted by a local craft studio called the Make and Do studio (Stockton Heath) which was held in a pottery painting cafe and we were taught by a lovely woman called Beryl to make a felt flower brooch. Now I must admit what I expected was some pieces of felt cut out and sewn together given I knew nothing about felting! But no ... What we did was make the felt from the wool and shape it and create wonderful unique brooches. It was astonishing to see the end results and apart from sore fingers I thoroughly enjoyed it!
So do you want to see what I made?

The array of colours of the wool to choose from was mad ... And my decision making was really torn between pinks and purples, reds and oranges or blues and greens ... As you can see I went for the blues and greens with a tiny amount of purples and silver silks thrown in for good measure!
We had to spend a lot of time rubbing and 'agitating' the fibres to felt them which was actually very tiring and with all the soap in the mix I have to admit my fingers are still a little sore, but boy is it worth it! I adore my creation and although my sewing to affix the pin on the back is a bit rubbish ... Who cares... No one sees it!

So no paper craft for me tonight ... Although I have got a post ready to publish for the Christmas blog about the Christmas card swap ... Instead my fine felt flower will have to suffice!
And if any of my local friends get a chance to go to one of these introductory sessions I can really recommend it ... It was fab fun and full of friendly people.
Also for those who wonder how it all started here is a photo I've found of the wool in the state it started before I got my mitts on it! It's from the make and do studio website so not my pic but It gives those of you like me an idea of how it starts before you get felt ... And this is a small selection of what we were offered to play with tonight!

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  1. I have been tempted by that workshop as the brooches you can make are so gorgeous and individual but just haven't had the time. Well done you :-)