Sunday, 29 July 2012

Up cycling cards again ... Well done Lizzie Armitstead

Yes I am at it again with the whole up cycling of cards. And today in tribute of Lizzie Armitstead who won team GB's first medal of the 2012 games cycling is the name of the game!

Those who have been here before may recall that a friend of mine gave me some card samples from the card selling business she wrapped up and I have been making cards from them for the work box and others since. I also up cycle cards I receive either for myself and also a work colleague gave me some she her partner had received too! All lovingly recreated into new cards to be sent!

These two cards were actually created from one card front.

I trimmed the card front into the two panels and these then created lovely toppers. I chose green patterned papers to back them with slightly different ways of mounting them up and different sentiment labels applied. Both cards I think are suitable for both men and women so think they should be ok for the box of cards I am sending to my cousin for her work. And I think one into two isn't a bad thing at all!

I have some more up cycling to share with you probably next time I blog, but for now, sleep!

- Posted using BlogPress from my iPad which means I probably haven't proof read the above and there is likely to be rubbish included that I probably should have thought about more! So please accept this post as it is and sorry that I didn't take more care!

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