Thursday, 11 October 2012

Some more random cards to share ...

... Back awake again after a sleepy afternoon ... Still feeling rubbish but an improvement on how I was so maybe over the worst! Thought I would share some more photos of cards I made a while ago and forgot to blog!

These two were both created from card toppers from the card samples I was given to up cycle! I still have quite a few card toppers left to use but not thought to use them for a while ... Maybe over the weekend I might get a few more of these done for the box of sparkle at work?!?

These were a couple made at the same time as I made all those baby cards but this time using freebie magazine paper and some bits and pieces from the stash pile.

A cute decoupage card ... That's all I have to say about that! It's cute ... Needs no further explanation! I still have more of that kit left too so maybe I will play at cutting things out and layering them up over the weekend too?!?

I am a bit of a nightmare for half finished projects. I have them all over the place and am not very good of completely finishing a project off or leaving half a kit still to be done. Maybe I should make an October promise to finish using up something ... At least before I go and buy anything else? I am also trying to sort my stash out and get rid of some of it via eBay and the like to make room for both new stuff and new projects... I find it so hard to get rid of things like stamps though as I adore them all but maybe that's another project for the weekend? Gosh the weekend is going to be busy ... Especially as I've not yet factored in the housework, ironing and seeing friends and family, and other errands... So maybe these little thoughts won't get done ... You will have to wait and see!

I think I have now blogged all outstanding photos of cards so if I want to blog again I need to get myself better and start creating! For now I think I have twenty minutes before the hubby and princess arrive home so I think it might be time to have a bath and read a magazine before donning clean jim jams and settling in front of the tv for a few hours before I arrive back here in bed.

Tomorrow I suspect I will try again to go to work ... Goodness knows if I will be well enough but I live in hope that I am and can get back to work.

Happy crafting!

Posted using BlogPress from my iPad which means I probably haven't proof read the above and there is likely to be rubbish included that I probably should have thought about more! So please accept this post as it is and sorry that I didn't take more care!

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