Thursday, 11 October 2012

A quick baby card

Sometime ago I made a whole load of baby cards and found some I didn't share at the time so I thought I would show these to you today. I'm full of a rotten cold and not enough energy to craft so this is the closest I can get to it by sharing stuff I've done in the past!

The little chipboard shapes were all in a pack I bought to make a couple of commissions and I kept the cards all quite clean and simple as I often think that clean and simple is best for baby cards.

Hope you like these... I so wish I could get myself up to craft but for the moment lying in bed is all I can manage.

For those of you that can ... Happy crafting!

- Posted using BlogPress from my iPad which means I probably haven't proof read the above and there is likely to be rubbish included that I probably should have thought about more! So please accept this post as it is and sorry that I didn't take more care!

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