Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Happy Easter!

OK so the blog is a little belated, but after a busy weekend and feeling rubbish from the multiple nose bleeds, i'm sure I can be forgiven!

So what've I been up to?

Well I have many things to post on here so this may have to be done in a few posts so bear with me...

So here are the easter cards Princess M and I made a few weeks ago and have now been lovingly given out to family and friends with easter wishes!

A real mixture of cd rom crafting and freebie papers from magazines.  Enjoy!

And here is one of the princess with the card she made using stickers and hand drawing her version of an easter bunny!  So sweet!  She does have an interesting habit of decorating the inside of the cards and writing on the front instead of inside - not sure why - and for some reason she can't be discouraged from it!

Post 1 completed!

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