Friday, 24 February 2012

Sketch challenge - online crop participation

Please note this is an old post from May 2011 which I edited and it's made it's way to the top ... oops!

Well tonight I was determined to get some crafting done as been stressed out over the past few days and well in need of some relaxation.  Fortunately that was timed well with Kirsty Wiseman's online crop streaming tonight.  So I grabbed some pics and looked up the sketch ...
... joined Kirsty on UStream and then away I went!

And this is my effort.  I think this is the first time I have followed a sketch for scrapping in paper form and wow it made it so much easier.  Thankfully Kirsty stuck to some straight lines as I am not equipped for circles really.

So apart from hunting for embellishments towards the end I was whizzing through.  Then Kirsty started talking about sequins and I remembered I had loads of sequins and hey presto my embellishment desert was no more!

So brown cardstock 12x12 for the base and then used the Serif Picnic in the Park paper stack I have been using loads for cards - so much so used nearly all of the papers up now - for the strips and matting of the photos.  Had to trim one photo to make the sketch work and give a little more focus.  Then handwrote the title "Concentration" and then started adding all of the lovely flower embellishments and sequins. 

Finally added a little note of the date and M's name ... as if I would forget it ... and hey presto!

So hope you enjoy - and love the peeping fluffy socks you can see on the edge of the photo (I can't be bothered to crop the photo!) as I did indeed scrap in my pj's!  Such fun!

Happy crafting all!


  1. I haven't done a scrapbook page yet but following a sketch is definitely appealing. Do you put the date somewhere? I'm terrible when looking at photos of my daughter and she asks me 'how old was I then' and if I haven't dated it, I just have to guess and that just doesn't feel good at all.
    I'm not sure what UStream is but it sounds like live chat online whilst you craft, which would put me under pressure I think to finish but you've done really well indeed considering that you were stressed when you started this. Well done you!

  2. I wanted to follow the crop too but never go there. Its always too late by the time I remember. I need to put a reminder on my phone....:) I love your page and your daughter is so sweet. I love Kirsty Wisemans blog and her work....she is fab. I hope you are having a good weekend and not stressed.

  3. Diane - I've been scrapping for a while, although find it quite challenging to finish a page usually - so doing it alongside Kirsty online was easier. I do try and date the pictures - it helps that most of my pictures of M are kept digitally and usually I am quite good at filing them. It's more difficult when they are other pictures as it's more guesswork - and then I try and just guess the year.

    Jackie - I was lucky really as M went to bed on time for once - only problem was having to break the flow of creativity a couple of times when she demanded attention - this is only the 2nd time I managed to follow K's crop - and last time didn't manage it properly as internet wasn't working well. It was good having the dedicated craft time to do it though so going to try and do the same again, although in a fortnight it'll be a no go as my parents are coming to stay that night.