Saturday, 25 February 2012

Wonderful day out

No crafting today as we spent the day with one of princess m's school friends and her family visiting the World Museum in Liverpool which we should have done during half term but the beautiful princess we were meant to be looking after was poorly. So to make up for it we said we would take her today ... And it sounded like so much fun her parents decided to come along too. So trains to Liverpool being part of the fun we set off early and had the full day there.

There is a natural history museum exhibition of dinosaurs there at the moment which was superb although princess m was her usual lacking in courage self and had to be carried by daddy past the animatronic t Rex. Ok I admit it was superbly realistic looking with even the eye moving ... But seriously they've been dead for how many millions of years?

So with this, the aquarium, the bug house, the skulls and fossils, the planetarium and the dioramas with the stuffed lion chasing the zebra it was a great day out.

And then there was the obligatory trip to the shop at the end ... A stuffed dinosaur hand puppet each for the girls, some presents for a birthday boy late in March and something crafty for me ... Oh yes I sneaked it into the mix of shopping bits and bought a sheet of papyrus! No idea exactly what I will use it on yet but for 50p I couldn't resist!

So no craft today and aching legs as a result of all the walking but a brill day out for all! Plus did I mention... I feel well today! Hurrah! About bloody time! Despite little sleep last night, an early wake up this morning and stupid amount of walking I feel well! It is such a relief ... After last week I was wondering if I would ever feel well again and it's such a drain on me mentally when it gets like that so I am very pleased indeed to report wellness!

Tomorrow we have the mother in law for lunch to get through and then princess m and I may do some creating later? I think some handmade art for a present for someone might be appreciated so we might start it tomorrow.

Night all!

Thank you for stopping by ... Oh any sorry for the lack of photos today ... Did take photos of the girls today for a scrap page so will have to get them printed and then make it up sooner rather than later and hope it captures the spirit of our day out!


  1. Oooh sounds like you've had a wonderful day! My children are dinosaur mad.. must see if we can get to the exhibition. Thanks for the follow or else I would never have popped over and found out!

    Wishing you a great Sunday.. had to smile at your MIL comment.. do you plan to have her whole!!!! Sorry I couldn't resist..xx Sounds like a fine plan tho for mine! ;-)

  2. 'Our' Catherine is back; happy and bouncy and well :-)

    We went to the City of Liverpool Museum last year and that's a really modern musuem and alot of fun with more interaction for the younger ones. Musuems being free is a wonderful thing. We must try this World Musuem soon, although I'd be scared of Rexxie boy too.

    Here's a challenge - can you fit the papyrus paper onto your layout about your day out?! Come on Catherine; you can do it! :-)

  3. I might just do that Diane! Thanks for the challenge... Next weeks task is set then!