Wednesday, 19 October 2011

More drawing...

So I've had a bit of a blip on the health front and been nowhere near my craft stuff until today for a while. But today not only did I do Xmas envelopes but I also made another batch of Xmas cards, and I finished off the circle journal (update to be posted as soon as it arrives with the next in the sisterhood) and I watched another of the willowing videos for fabulous faces and created a 3/4 portrait.

Now the videos have moved onto colour but I haven't yet... mainly as I watch the videos in bed rather than somewhere where I can safely paint or add colour. But think I am happy to just get the drawing part accomplished for now... painting will have to come later.

So I am back to work again tomorrow, feeling on the right side of health for a change. So sleep time for me... so much for the early night I promised myself... although was in.bed early just no where near sleeping.

Enjoy my girl... and before you say anything I don't like the nose... but for my 2nd ever attempt at a portrait I am still very pleased.

Happy crafting all and thanks for dropping by!

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