Friday, 24 February 2012

Scrap organising

Ok so my arm is now killing me but finally found the bottom of the box. Turned out there was a load of rubbish in the bottom mainly so not as much cutting as the first stage of this plan to organise.

I now have a couple of stacks of paper... One where they are 5x7 or smaller, and then another for 6x6 and bigger... All the way upto 12x12 that hadn't been put away properly.

Organising it into colours and patterns types might be a massive challenge however as there are so many different types ... Maybe that's a in front of a film type of job to do... So think I'll go for a shower and settle down in the lounge to sort them out. Feeling v tired so at least I can sit on the sofa to do that rather than at the table.

One of the great things about doing this task is finding paper I've had for ages and forgot about and love some of the very different designs and colours in here.
I encourage anyone with a basket of scraps that's never going to get used to have a go at this... It's actually quite therapeutic... Although I warn you the arm will ache from over use of the guillotine.

Happy crafting all.
A short while later...
So I decided not to quite go there with the colour sort etc as I figured that would take me hours and I really can't be bothered yet... So I sorted them by size
And then moved the bigger pieces back into the cupboard with the other 'new' papers and then popped everything into the box... To the end of the box are random toppers and paper strips to make paper ribbons and also some vellum strips too... Great for edge punches, and also some other little bits I found in the box that I couldn't quite throw away.
So it wasn't exactly crafting ... But I'm proud of achieving this today and can't wait to start digging into the box to use some of these scraps now as it's amazing how many lovely pieces I have!

I'm wondering also if this fits in with the pledge to use it up in 2012. I saw this on a blog... here ... And have done absolutely nothing to even really try this recently and spent quite a lot of money on craft stuff. I am however on a budget now to save for the trip to Harrogate in July so this will hopefully inspire me to use it up and to to keep buying more! I know that my raggy doll sisters will be laughing if they read this as they know I won't be able to do it!

So this is me done for the day... Have to go out in a bit but might well dig that box out later to start some crafting if I have enough energy!

Happy crafting once again!

C x


  1. Ooh, such a good idea! May just have to give that a go. x

  2. It was so therapeutic and great to find some papers i hadn't seen for ages... felt like having a bit of a shop whilst not spending anything!

  3. Looks like you are really getting to grips reorganising all that paper stash. Good luck and thanks for the late snoop. Have a great weekend,
    JoZarty x

  4. I need to sort my papers into colour options as I spend half my time trying to find the right papers for projects and that takes time out of the actual fun bit. This is a good post as I can almost feel your enthusiasm for how much easier it will make your life :-)