Tuesday, 15 May 2012

So many posts ... Why?

I have been asked whether my blogging has increased due to the snazzy iPad or cos I'm lovin it! Well the simple answer is both. The iPad makes it so easy to get online and just get the blog done, add the photos and link stuff up etc, but also I am crafting a lot at the moment. I have really got my card making mojo back. Creating a card offers me just a bit of calm in my mad life and is purely for fun.

Take this one for example...

It consists of two pieces of paper, a card blank, one card topper from a recycled card, a sentiment die cut and three little black pearls ... From this I gained a good fifteen minutes of time where I thought of nothing more important than where to stick them down... No work complexities, no family strife, not even a real decision to be made cos what's the worse that could happen ... It could be wonky or look rubbish ... It's only card and paper.

Now don't get me wrong I am very capable of stressing over craft stuff. I get concerned when I make things for other people to make them as good as I can etc. but even then I generally think that if they don't like them ... They either don't have to pay me... Or they can spend a couple of pounds to make me not feel bad, and then go and buy another card from the shop... It really won't break the bank.

I suppose if I am completely honest the only thing that can ... And well does ... stress me out is my circle journal. Creating something for one of my friends in their journal filled with everyone else's unique and beautiful creations does freak me out a bit in case I make a complete hash of it. But then I try and relax and fill my heart full of love for the friend and just do whatever comes out of me for them and then pray like mad that they like it. I am in the midst of the freak time at the moment having started on the background but then I think they always look rubbish when you are still creating ... The hope is it will soon transform into a thing of beauty!

So there you go ... Why do I craft ? Cos I can and I love it. Why do I blog ? Cos I can and I love it!

Thanks for popping by to see me and read my witterings!

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  1. What a cool card for someone who loves these mini cars! I'm loving that striped panel!

  2. lol, not sure I'll get away with buying an ipad as a crafty buy but it's worth a shot! :-)
    You 'go girl' and enjoy all you can x