Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Today! Heart or head?

Today I was meant to be taking MIL to an appointment at the hospital which was not expected to be pleasant but last night I get home to a letter changing the appointment to next week. Now having already booked the day off what to do? I am currently languishing in bed before I get up to do the school run but have to decide which plan to go for.
Plan A to cancel my day off altogether and go to work ... It's not like I don't have a mountain of work to get through.
Or plan B do some work from home ... I did bring some home with me, and perhaps just take half a days leave.
Or plan C do no work, have a lazy crafty day?
I know where my heart lies... Watch this space as to what wins!

PLAN C won of course! I spent the entire morning sobbing into a book "one moment, one morning" which as enjoyable but def a tear jerker! Then I munched a bit of lunch and did a tiny amount of cleaning! Then the Christmas box called to me ... Go see my Christmas blog for the details of the madness that then ensued. I should really have made an acceptance card but that can be done tomorrow. And then I cleared up. Once school pickup was done, and a small amount of feeding the princess achieved (she has a second tea most days as she is always starving!), I did a couple of chores and then princess in bed ready for me to dig the journalling crafty stuff out of the cupboard to make a start on the next journal. As it was I got completely carried away and have almost finished the journal so hopefully tomorrow some more elements to be added and some actual journalling and then once dry it should be ready for sending on! I may even get it on its way early this time! So of course there is a small amount of guilt festering about not working, but I guess as I had it booked off, tough! How exactly we cope with next weeks appointment I don't exactly know... But that's something for another day! I'm off to bed now as will try to cram two days work into tomorrow... But also know I have a fun crafty evening ahead of me tomorrow doing something completely different as I'm off to a class for felting flowers... Scary and exciting all at the same time!

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog - hope you had a good day whatever you decided to do - annoying that the appt was cancelled. x jo