Wednesday, 1 August 2012

WOYWW toilet roll class

Yes it's Wednesday and time for Woyww where we get to peep at everyone's crafty work space ... And of course share our own!

Yes this was my table tonight ... Full of crafting goodness and cups of coffee and tea and even some healthy snacks ... But no I didn't make the mess all on my own. Tonight my house was the venue for a lovely mini books lesson, taught by the lovely Cal. You can visit her blog here. So the table was full of lovely crafty peeps ... Helen, Mara, Jackie, Kathie, Nina and me (and for a short time the princess was there too!).

We made a mini book which I have pictured below, which is ready to be decorated. I punched and stamps some bits to finish it off with but it was too late to get to finish it tonight, plus I want to put some pics in it I think so want to have a think about how I decorate it.

This however was the second project ... The first I am no where near finished ... The joys of doing bedtime mid lesson put me rather behind! But the first was a mini book made from toilet roll inners. What we were aiming for is here on Cal's blog but as I only managed one tag and two sleeves I am a long way off what Cal and the others in the class got to. Helen in particular was speedy Gonzalez on hers!

So great fun was had tonight and I am happy to report the table has since been cleared and the floor brushed so the house is almost returned to normal.

Have to be up early tomorrow so although I want to Woyww blog hop tonight it will have to wait until tomorrow. But why don't you go see what everyone else is up to courtesy of Stamping Ground.

Happy crafting all!

Posted using BlogPress from my iPad which means I probably haven't proof read the above and there is likely to be rubbish included that I probably should have thought about more! So please accept this post as it is and sorry that I didn't take more care!


  1. ha ha ha I can't believe how quick you were blogging !! Thanks for hosting the class - I really did have a fabby evening - your friends feel like life-long friends, and they are all adorable. Thanks again. Cal xx

  2. Look at all that fun!!! Your mini book is very shabby chic looking. Just love it.

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs, Kay #31

  3. Looks like a fun, crafty mess!!! Love the mini album, that was my favorite paper from last winter, I still have a little left. You will have fun putting photos and embellishments in there. Thanks for stopping by my blog and your kind comments!

  4. Wait! I was not there. Ohhh... maybe it was the evil Princess twin. When I saw the photo I kind of hoped you had had friends over, not that you ran from seat to seat drinking drinks and spreading out. I wondered if the toilet paper rolls was a gift card project I had seen done with them, but no, yet a different toilet paper roll project. Happy playing!

    1. Not quite the evil princess twin (although she can have her moments as the six year she is!) but the one that lives with me and calls me mummy!

  5. I just love crafting parties! And from the mess it looks like you had a good one. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog and checking out my latest cards and what-not... :)
    ~Deeyll #134

  6. It looks like you all had a great time. So nice when people can get together to craft.
    Love the little book.
    Have a great week.
    Von #35

  7. What a pretty little book. You hosted so you are excused from keeping up or from being the speedy gonzales. teehee

  8. Well, a toilet roll class doesn't bring to mind what a pretty result you have!! That's really lovely, glad you had fun doing it!
    Thanks for the birthday wishes, I had a fab day and was thoroughly spoiled :D
    Hugs, LLJ #1 xx

  9. Hi there Caroline some crafty excitement going on her what fun!
    Thanks so much for popping over and thanks for sharing ~ happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz. x #43

  10. How wonderful, nothing like crafting with chums..late into the night by the looks of things! And you've got something to show for it....I'm not so great at that part!!

  11. At first I thought you were a coffee addict LOL and then reading on you hosted your crafty night LOL looks like you all had fun too.

    Thanks for sharing love the little book, the worst part is cleaning up after everyone is gone.

    Eliza #16 again

  12. that is a busy table and your book looks cute too.
    sound slike you all had fun
    janet #56 running late